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Goldline TCA Youth Championships Announcement


With the recent release of COVID 19 guidelines and interpretation the 2020 Goldline TCA Youth Championships will be running.  If restrictions or interpretations change, modifications will be made.  The current confirmed format will only allow 12 Junior Men’s teams and 12 Junior Women’s Teams.

Registration is currently over half full.

First Prize (details to be confirmed based on COVID 19 restrictions) will be a Curling Experience including development, play and fun.

If the 50 person league restriction is raised, we will increase the number of teams we will accept.  Teams registered and paid on the waitlist will be added first.


Under the current guidelines and interpretation the event will be structured under the format below.


2020 Goldline TCA Youth Championship Format

  • There will be 2 division, Junior Men’s U21 and Junior Women’s U21 of 12 teams each.

  • 4 games guaranteed in round robin format.  Teams then to be seeded in Events A, B, C for playoffs

  • Playoffs will be straight knock out

  • In place of the banquet on the first night, we will be holding a “Hot Shots” skills competition.  Teams of 4, drawn at random within their own division, will be given a list of 10 shots.  Each player must attempt at least 2 shots, with the remaining 2 shots being thrown by any player in their 4.  You will have 45 minutes to attempt the 10 shots.

  • In a modification to “The Mixed Doubles Experience”, it will now be “The Doubles Experience”.  Teams of 2 will be draw at random and play a 45 minute doubles game for fun prizes.

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